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Transcend Paranormal: Things That Go Bump In the Night

The fires burn low, the stories have been told, and darkness engulfs Henricus. It is time to see what lurks in the shadows. Join us as we are locked into Henricus for the night. Transcend Paranormal, C.P.R. Paranormal, and Tara Perfetti Street will reveal past findings and evidence from Henricus. Afterwards, we will investigate Henricus late into the night.

The event will begin at registration, 6-7pm, Saturday. The location of registration is the Education Center, in the main administration building.


  • 7 pm – All participants are squared away in their lodging in and around the Ordinary.
  • 7 pm -9 pm – An introduction to the Hauntings and Reveal of evidence
  • 8 pm-3 am – Investigation
  • 3 am -8 am – Lights out in Ordinary and Hospital for those who need or want to sleep.
  • 8 am – 9 am – Light Breakfast served in Ordinary kitchen
  • 9 am – Event ends


  • Participants will be housed in either the upstairs of the Ordinary, where 20-25 people can sleep on mats and mattresses on the floor. The Hospital can accommodate 10-15 persons sharing beds. Those beds will require mats and or mattresses.
  • Participants will bring all bedding items. Participants will bring their own main stock of food and drinks. Coolers are recommended.
  • The event will start at 6pm on Saturday and end at 9am on Sunday morning.
  • The site will provide a light breakfast of coffee and donuts between 8am and 9am on Sunday. That will be served at the Ordinary kitchen.
  • Nobody leaves through the night unless there is an absolute emergency
  • Bring a small light, hand held audio recorders, and small devices commonly necessary for an investigation
  • Bring bug spray, though late in the season

Event Rules

  • No smoking anywhere inside the historical village property (go outside the walls)
  • No alcoholic beverages permitted
  • No individual investigating or “going off on your own” without permission of the hosts
  • No sleeping in unauthorized buildings
  • All historical venues must be left the way the were found
  • Respect and reverence must be kept for the native people and other people of the past who lived on the property
  • Always follow the directions of the site supervisor and paranormal team leaders


Registration is required for this event. To register, please call (804) 748-1611. Space Is Limited.

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