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Transcend Paranormal has come to Henricus Historical Park on several occasions and has effectively and professionally worked with the site historians to keep only plausible and realistic assertions about the existence of spirits on site. Their methodologies and technologies have been compatible with the respectful interests of the history of the grounds and they have provided the site staff with every evidence they have acquired. They work in very cooperative partnerships with the historians and staff and as well as having a pleasant demeanor in their association, are a joy to have participate with us.

-John Daniel Pagano
Historical Interpretation Supervisor
Henricus Historical Park



The members of Transcend Paranormal have been friendly and sincere and we have appreciated their respect for the Graffiti House and its Civil War history. In addition, they present the tools they use for their investigations and the results they find which are interesting to us all! We appreciate their cheerful sharing of what they find!

-Peggy Misch
Secretary, Brandy Station Foundation
Graffiti House

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