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Transcend Paranormal: Edgewood Plantation

Located in Charles City, Virginia, is Edgewood Plantation, a 7,000 square foot Gothic-styled plantation house dating back to 1849. Once part of the Berkley Plantation, former home of President William Henry and Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Edgewood Plantation now operates as a Bed & Breakfast, and offers many more services.

Through-out history, Edgewood Plantation has held many roles. It has served as a church, post office, telephone exchange, nursing home and a signal post for the Confederates to spy on McLellan’s Union Army. The plantation house was also home to the first restaurant in Charles City, offering a one-room dining area. A grist mill, built in 1725 by Benjamin Harrison, is located on the grounds as well as a beautiful garden and gazebo. Edgewood Plantation is a National & State regulated landmark.

More information about Edgewood Plantation can be found here.

The following list includes the date(s) on which we investigated the Edgewood Plantation, as well as links to various data that we collected while there.

Investigation Dates

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