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Transcend: Church Hill Train Tunnel

The Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond, VA, was an old Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) tunnel underneath the Church Hill section of Richmond. Built in the 1870s, the tunnel fell into disuse in for approximately 20 years starting in 1901 due to riverfront viaduct. The tunnel collapsed in 1925 on a work train reportedly killing at least four and trapping Steam Locotomotive engine #231, in attempts to restore the tunnel to usable conditions. Rescue efforts resulted in further collapse, and the tunnel was ultimately sealed for safety reasons. The western entrance to the Church Hill tunnel is located in downtown Richmond at the corner of East Marshall Street and North 19th Street, as seen in this picture:

Transcend Paranormal: Chuch Hill Train Tunnel, Western Entrance

The eastern entrance much harder to find, and less documented. One is able to enter the tunnel from the eastern entrance for a stretch until reaching the sealed-up portion of the tunnel. However, the entrance is submerged about waist-deep in water. The eastern entrance is shown in the following image, near the corner of East Franklin Street and North 31st Street:

The following list includes the date(s) on which we investigated the Church Hill Train Tunnel entrances, as well as links to various data that we collected while there.

Investigation Dates:

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