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Paranormal Investigation at Hanover Tavern

To help raise needed matching funds for The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation challenge grant, Hanover Tavern Foundation has partnered with Transcend Paranormal to offer supernatural investigations open to the public. The cost is $50 per person to participate in ghost hunts of the Tavern, Historic Courthouse, and Stone Jail.

On the night of July 20th, investigators will lead 4 groups of 10 participants each to investigate Hanover Tavern, The Historic Courthouse, and Stone Jail. After approximately 45 minutes, the groups will rotate to the next building and so on until everyone has investigated in all locations. The Tavern can host 2 investigative teams at once. Participants should plan to arrive at the Tavern between 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM.

For more information, please head to:

Purchase your tickets here!

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