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Built around 1835, the Old Stone Jail sits very close to the Historic Hanover County Courthouse. For a small period of time, this was one of twojails in the Hanover County Courthouse Complex; the other being a small structure that was relatively comfortable and utilized as a debtor’s prison. The Old Stone Jail, however, housed criminals and runaway slaves. By 1844, the other jail on the property was closed, leaving only the Stone Jail to handle all prisoners in the county. The jail itself consists of three cells and one room for the warden and guards. This was not a nice building to stay in for any amount of time; prior to approximately 1916, the only thing separating inmates indoors from the weather outdoors were iron bars.

The Stone Jail today is home to the Hanover County Historical Society and is utilized as both a museum and their headquarters. The Stone Jail is kept well maintained and is often utilized for historical education.

You can find more information about the Old Stone Jail on the Hanover County Historical Society website.

Transcend Paranormal has spent much time investigating this building and have consistently found evidence of the paranormal within it’s walls.

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