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In May of 1611, Sir Thomas Dale founded the Citie of Henricus as an alternative to the dangerous Jamestown colony. This was the second successful English city in the New World. This is where Pocahontas was held, and met and married John Rolfe. Prospering for a time, the Citie of Henricus was later destroyed in March 22, 1622 by Opechancanough in the Indian Massacre of 1622. Attempts were made to re-build, but by May of 1625, only 22 people remained in the Citie of Henricus.


This area was later sold to William Farrar, Sr., and henceforth became known as “Farrar’s Island”. Farrar’s Island has played many important roles in history. This land played pivotal roles in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Today, the Park is open as a living-history museum, offering tours, facility rentals, educational opportunities, and more. Learn more at their website.


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