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Transcend Paranormal; Hanover Tavern

Join Transcend as we lead an investigation at the Historic Hanover Tavern. All Proceeds benefit the Hanover Tavern Foundation in their continued efforts to maintain the great piece of American History. We will be investigating locations that have had a unique vantage point to significant events in American history. *For the first time ever, Nutshell an early 19th century home, will be opened up for public investigation!

Hanover Tavern – For nearly three centuries, the Hanover Tavern has been a part of events that transformed America from an English colony to an independent nation; where rebellion threatened that new nation and Civil War tore it asunder. The owners, guests, and inhabitants of the Tavern have shaped the history of Hanover County, the Commonwealth of Virginia and, indeed, the United States.

Historic Courthouse – Hanover Courthouse is the third oldest courthouse still in use in the United States having been built around 1735.

Ole Stone Jail – Built around 1835, the jail was used for holding criminals and runaway slaves. By 1844, the stone jail handled all imprisonment.

Nutshell – Owned by Philip Henry Winston (1818-1863) and his wife Catherine during the Civil War.

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