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Built in 1850, the First Baptist Church was among the first churches operating in Ashland, Virginia since the towns incorporation in 1849. For 104 years, the church operated as a community church; a hub of community activities, marriages, births, deaths, and more.


The only exception to this long run is during the Civil War, when it served as a hospital. Many Confederate soldiers were treated in this building, with a number of them passing away. Rumor has it that blood still stains the original flooring – flooring now hidden from sight by a newer floor, placed directly above the originals.


In 1969, the building was converted into a community center, serving Ashland and Hanover as the Hanover Arts & Activities Center. This Non-profit focuses on the arts, education, and activities that engage the community. This location plays hosts to many weddings, theatrical performances, and even offers rental studio and meeting spaces for artists, musicians, and community groups.

Transcend began investigating this location in the Summer of 2018, and right from the start have recorded audio suggesting the presence of spirits within the building.


If you’d like to learn more about the Hanover Arts & Activities Center, please check out their website and their Facebook page.

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