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Established in 1880, the Fleetwood Church is a hauntingly beautiful building that stands upon historic grounds; one of the history’s greatest cavalry engagements took place just paces away. Less than 20 years earlier, on June 9, 1863, these grounds saw over 20,000 troops – including 17,000 cavalry – engaged in battle. It was this battle that ended the Confederate cavalry’s dominance in the East, and establishing the Federal cavalry as a strong and confident force. Another 20+ battles and skirmishes occurred right in this general area, making it the most fought over area in American history.

At this time, these grounds were utilized as a field hospital for the Battle of Brandy Station and other battles nearby. During the winter of 1863-64, it served as headquarters for the Federal Forces.

The Fleetwood Church itself is shrouded in history and lost in time. While it is known that a church originally stood on the land starting in the 1850s, the current structure was built in 1880, and a cemetery lies close nearby. Not much else is known about this historic site.

With over 1,400 casualties and losses on these grounds, has every soldier truly gone home? Some beg to differ – most notably the numerous paranormal teams who have investigated the Fleetwood Church. Could this activity stem from the fact that the Union army had to move on, leaving the dead to be poorly buried – or worse, not at all? Reportedly, five months after the battle, the Union returned to the land to find no bodies – only gnawed on bones scattered all throughout the battlefield and surrounding areas.

Fleetwood Church is now privately owned and maintained by Steve Pollett. Steve has been tirelessly working to restore the building to its original state. Through your support, we can help make this happen.

In 2019, Transcend Paranormal and Spirit Guides Paranormal partnered together to introduce the Fleetwood ParaCon; a one-day paranormal conference as a means to raise funds for the church. All speakers and staff are comprised entirely of volunteers, selflessly offering their time, energy, knowledge, and passion for the paranormal and history.

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