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The Ferry Plantation, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a three story, ten room Federal style house. The site dates back to 1642, when it received it’s name from the Ferry Boat Service that ran on the Lynnhaven River by ferry operator Savill Gaskin. The land was a prime landing location due to it having been cleared by native Indian tribes in the 1500’s.




The second Princess Anne Courthouse, built on the plantation near current day Old Donation Church, was the location of Garce Sherwood’s trial, Virginia’s only witchcraft trial. Grace was convicted and found guilty of witchcraft, and jailed in the courthouse for a period of time. The third Princess Anne Courthouse, built in 1735, was later replaced by the Walke Mansion, built between 1751-1755. The mansion was destroyed by fire in 1828, and the current present-day house was built in 1830 by slaves. More information about the Ferry Plantation can be found here.


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