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Intended as a burial ground for Richmond’s black aristocracy, Evergreen Cemetery dates back to 1891. Evergreen was created as the ‘counterpart’ to Hollywood Cemetery, equal in beauty. Evergreen Cemetery is located in the East End area of Richmond, Virginia. The original organization responsible for the cemetery, the Evergreen Cemetery Association, failed to include upkeep costs in its yearly budget.

In 1970, the cemetery was sold to Metropolitan Memorial Services, which soon went bankrupt. The cemetery, now in major disrepair, was then sold to a group of funeral-home directors, whom purchased the cemetery in an auction. Evergreen’s majority owner is Isaiah Entzminger of UK Corp. Prominent Richmonders such as Maggie L. Walker and John Mitchell Jr., along with over 5,000 other Virginians are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Today, Evergreen Cemetery is in a deteriorating condition. Kudzu and woods choke the cemetery. A mausoleum on the property has been broken into, and one can view open caskets and skeletal remains through the hole.


Organizations have formed to assist in the clean-up of Evergreen Cemetery, most prominently being the East End Cemetery Cleanup & Restoration Project. If you are interested in helping clean up and restore this historic cemetery, they are always looking for volunteers.


Evergreen Cemetery is tucked away on Evergreen Cemetery off of East Richmond Road.

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