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Drewry’s Bluff, located in Chesterfield Virginia, was the site of Fort Darling during the American Civil War. This area of land was named after local landowner Confederate Captain Augustus H. Drewry. Sitting at a sharp corner on the James River, Fort Darling protected Richmond from Union troops sailing up the river. Numerous ships were sunk in the river at this location to prevent Union ships from moving up the river. Fort Darling was the only obstacle stopping Union forces from invading Richmond from the James River.

The Battle of Drewry’s Bluff took place on May 15, 1862. Five U.S. Navy gunboats sailed up the river to test Confederate defenses in the area. The gunboats turned back after encountering submerged obstacles and heavy fire from the batteries at Fort Darling. Approximately 21 soldiers were killed (14 Union, 7 Confederate), and 18 soldiers wounded (10 Union, 8 confederate).

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