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Join Transcend Paranormal, Haunts of Richmond, and Henricus Historical Park for a once-in-a-lifetime evening of fundraising and investigating, as we go on Paranormal Lockdown at Henricus Fort.

All Proceeds of this event will go directly to Scares That Care! and Henricus Historical Park!

Scares That Care! is a 100% Volunteer NonProfit Organization that focuses on fighting the REAL monsters of the world – childhood illness, burns, and breast cancer, by helping families that are experiencing these extraordinary hardships cope with the financial burden by raising funds and sponsoring a family in need.

The evening will start with Ghost Tours of the Henricus Historical Fort. Guides will navigate you and your group to different locations at Henricus that paranormal teams, guests, and staff have experienced paranormal activity. There, we will recount those tales – and you may even yourself experience some of the paranormal on-goings on-site! This is an approximately 1 hour tour.

Next, join Transcend Paranormal, Haunts of Richmond, Henricus Historical Park, and many more as we get the evening into full-gear. That’s right – this opportunity was too great to not let our friends get in on the fun. We’ve partnered up with the best investigators in the field around for this evening. Not only will you get to meet the teams, check out their gear, and maybe even buy some of their swag, but you’ll be investigating with them as well!

The following groups, teams, and all around great folks will be joining us for this Paranormal Lockdown:
CPRI: The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation
Twisted Paranormal Society & The Twisted Realm
Dennis Estlock
RVA Paranormal
RED VEIN Haunted House

More information to come! Let us know you are coming on Facebook.

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