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What a busy month it has been for Transcend! Now that we are wrapping up and winding down for the month, we have the opportunity to reflect back. For all of those who came out to investigate with us during our public investigations and walk with us during our many Ghost Tours, we can not thank you enough. Every single person that attended these events did more than just investigate a location. Every single penny that went towards these events went directly to the Historical location – whether it be Henricus Historical Park or Hanover Tavern. Collectively, this past weekend we investigated with somewhere between 60-70 guests. On our Ghost Tours, we had the pleasure of meeting more than 300 people. I know we had an absolute blast and we hope you did as well!

We want to also send out a tremendous Thank You to the folks that have come out to support the team – Hanover Tavern Foundation, Hanover County Historical Society, Henricus Historical ParkChicagoland Paranormal Researchers, our good friend Tara, another good friend of ours Ryan from the Freakin’ Awesome Paranormal Show, and the countless interpreters that graciously dedicated their time and talent. Additionally, thank you to my fellow team members for their hard work and pushing through many late nights of prepping, planning, dry runs, and countless phone/in-person/online meetings.

This past October has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you again everyone! Have a Happy Halloween and we’ll see you all again soon :).

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