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The artifacts that adorn the walls and rooms of The Octagon Mansion are from times of trials and tribulations.
Inside, you’ll find relics from the American Revolution and the American Civil War.
Many believe that objects that have been through such conflict could have spiritual attachments, haunting the halls the items inhabit…
Will you interact with the reported little girl that died during the polio epidemic, and still roams the halls of the Octagon Mansion?

Will you communicate with the hundreds of soldiers that passed through Wytheville – or died during Toland’s Raid of 1863 or Stoneman’s Raid of 1865?

Do you dare investigate a building sitting directly in the path of “The Avenue of Death”?

On May 15th, join Transcend Paranormal and Spirit Guides Paranormal for an investigation you won’t soon forget.

Find out more Information Here.

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We are so excited to share with everyone our first event of the year. As restrictions ease here in Virginia and vaccinations are on the rise, we are happy to be able to start investigating with everyone again! We will be taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our guests, site staff, and everyone involved. That includes continuing to follow the guidelines set forth by the state, and best practices put forth by health science bodies, such as the Virginia Department of Health.


We’re ready to get back into the field and continue to explore the paranormal! Won’t you join us? We have a few events coming up, so make sure you check our Calendar!


March 18: Haunted Hanover Tavern Tours

March 27: Haunted Hanover Tavern Paranormal Investigation


Tickets must be purchased in advance for both events, so snag yours now before they disappear!


With Summer coming to a close, Autumn is upon is. As many know, this is the busy season for not only Haunted Houses, but also Haunted Locations – and Paranormal Teams! You’ll have a slew of opportunities to join Transcend Paranormal in the next few months on many different events; investigation, ParaCons, Lectures, Presentations, Tours, and more!

Keep an eye on our Events Calendar and come find us!

Henricus Historical Park Paranormal Investigation

Join Transcend Paranormal as we investigate one of Central Virginia’s Most Haunted Locations – Henricus Historical Park.

With over 400 years of history – spanning from the Arrohateck tribe, all the way through the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and today – Henricus is one very active location long into the night, after the last guests have left for the day.

This is a fundraiser event! 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Henricus Historical Park for their continued upkeep and historical education!

Find out more here and join us!

We hope you had the chance to join us for the Paranormal Day Quarantine-acon! If you didn’t, feel free to check out the presentation linked below!

What lurks in the shadows of Scotchtown and Hanover Tavern after dark? It’s time for you to find out for yourself.

Join the Hanover Tavern Foundation, Transcend Paranormal, and Preservation Virginia as we delve into the paranormal once more at two beautiful historic locations. We are once again pairing up with Preservation Virginia, Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown, and the Hanover Tavern to investigate Scotchtown and Hanover Tavern – all in one evening!

These locations are tied in history; from Patrick Henry’s family, the Shelton family, and more. Many of those who visited the grounds of Scotchtown were also visitors of the Hanover Tavern and surrounding buildings.

In addition to Scotchtown and the Hanover Tavern, we will also be exploring and investigating a number of other historical buildings on the properties.

Get your tickets today to join us!

Transcend Paranormal and RVA Paranormal will be joining the Haunts of Richmond Radio show on the Vibe Radio Network on Monday, February 24th from 8:30PM to 9:30PM EST!

We will be joining hosts Chris & Beth Houlihan as we dive into the nitty-gritty of the paranormal; how we prepare for investigations, different techniques we utilize when investigations, locations, and more!

Join in on the fun by clicking this link, or by dialing in at 516-387-1922!

As part of our Hanover County 300th celebration, Hanover Tavern Foundation Speaker Series is excited to host paranormal investigator Steve Dills.  Steve will discuss the importance of researching the history, furnishings, occurrences, and people of a historical site before conducting an investigation. He will pair recorded paranormal experiences in Hanover County with historical facts, demonstrating that there are intelligent hauntings that can be validated through known information, thus showcasing the need for historical research prior to an on-site search.


You spoke, and we listened. After much planning, Fleetwood ParaCon at the Historic Haunted Fleetwood Church is on for round two!

Fleetwood ParaCon 2020 is going to be held September 26, 2020!

Join your hosts, Spirit Guides Paranormal and Transcend Paranormal as we rally once more to raise funds for the continued renovation of the historic Fleetwood Church in Brandy Station, Virginia! Last year, with the help of our Speakers, paranormal teams, volunteers, staff, and guests, we were able to raise over $2,000 for Fleetwood Church!

We can’t tell you how excited we are to be able to do this again, and we want you to join us!

Established in 1880, the Fleetwood Church is a hauntingly beautiful building that stands upon historic grounds; one of the history’s greatest cavalry engagements took place just paces away. Less than 20 years earlier, on June 9, 1863, these grounds saw over 20,000 troops – including 17,000 cavalry – engaged in battle. It was this battle that ended the Confederate cavalry’s dominance in the East, and establishing the Federal cavalry as a strong and confident force. Another 20+ battles and skirmishes occurred right in this general area, making it the most fought over area in American history.

With over 1,400 casualties and losses on these grounds, has every soldier truly gone home? Some beg to differ – most notably the numerous paranormal teams who have investigated the Fleetwood Church. Could this activity stem from the fact that the Union army had to move on, leaving the dead to be poorly buried – or worse, not at all? Reportedly, five months after the battle, the Union returned to the land to find no bodies – only gnawed on bones scattered all throughout the battlefield and surrounding areas.

Fleetwood Church is now privately owned and maintained by Steve Pollett. Steve has been tirelessly working to restore the building to its original state. Through your support, we can help make this happen.

This is a Fundraising Event! Proceeds of this event will go to the owner of Fleetwood Church for its’ continued restoration efforts!

Speakers & Featured Guests To Be Announced.
Tickets, Prices, Packages, and more will be announced soon.

We are planning on adding some more to this event, so keep your eyes open for some new things announced!

Keep up to date with the Fleetwood ParaCon by visiting our website here.

Join Transcend Paranormal and the Hanover Tavern Foundation for an evening unlike any other as we venture 150+ years into the past in search of the paranormal.

The evening will begin at Hanover County’s Cold Harbor Battlefield. From May 31 to June 12, 1864, the Battle of Cold Harbor raged on. One of the final battles of Union Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s Overland Campaign, this battle is remembered as one of the bloodiest and most lopsided battles of American history. With over 18,000 casualties and losses, the land this battle occurred on is stained in energy, emotion, and history.

Then, we will travel to Polegreen Church, built in 1747, where for more than a century the Polegreen Church stood as a monument to the Hanover Dissenters and Samuel Davies in their struggle for religious liberty in pre-revolutionary America. During 1864, Polegreen Church rested squarely in the center of Union and Confederate forces as they clashed. During the attack, Union forces overran Confederate outer positions and occupied the church. In efforts to dislodge the Union sharpshooters, Confederate artillery began firing upon the church, which ultimately led to the church being set ablaze.

Finally, we will end the evening at Hanover Tavern. The earliest portion of the Tavern being built in 1791, there was a Tavern on the property spanning back to 1733. One of only a few surviving colonial-era Taverns in the United States, the Hanover Tavern hosted such historic figures as George Washington, Lord Cornwallis, Patrick Henry, P.T. Barnum, Marquis de Lafayette, and more. Both Union and Confederate troops utilized the Tavern on their way to and from the battlefields. Not only will you have the opportunity to investigate Hanover Tavern, but also the Historic Courthouse and Old Stone Jail as well – both hotbeds for paranormal activity.

For years, guests of each of these locations report eerie experiences of ghost apparitions, smells, and unexplainable noises. For the first time ever, we have access to investigate those claims. Are Union and Confederate soldiers still waging war at Hanover County’s Cold Harbor Battlefield and Polegreen Church? Are previous Hanover Tavern keepers still roaming the halls? It’s time to find out for yourself.

Tickets and more information can be found here!

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